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Gen Nis He Yo Trading Company
Representing an extensive line of fine, handcrafted items in horn, leather, iron, and wood for the most discriminating shooters, collectors, and reenactors.
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Due to illness we will not be able to supply wood or horn items

Tumbler, mug, swiggle, spoon, salt horn, oil horn, funnel, etc.

I can reproduce many different traditional styles of powder horns. The horns are shaped by file and knife, polished with pumice and finished with linseed oil.

1 - Cartridge Box Oiler- Made of horn, this oil bottle with threaded top and applicator is made to fit in your cartridge box.

2 - Bee's Wax Holder- Two horn discs with bee's wax between.

3 - Horn Funnels

4 - Small Priming Horns- 3 on left are flat screw tip horns

5 - Powder Measure (bone)

6 - Lucet- Made of horn. For making cord. Can be fitted with a handle.

7 - Shoe Horns- These are copies of originals with curled ends.

8 - Bodkin- For pulling a cord or ribbon thru a casing.

9 - Thread Winder- made of horn & used for holding thread.

10 - Pin Case

11 -Horn Mugs- Different sizes and colors with pressed in wooden bottoms. Easy on the mouth with hot liquids.

12 - Threaded Box

13 - Powder Measure - Antler

14 - Pick & Brush Set with Handmade Chain

15 - Swiggle, Salt Horn, Mugs (from left to right)

16 - Tumblers, Cordial, Funnel (from left to right)

17 - Horn Spoons

18 - Sewing Tools

19 - Boxes with Dovetailed Lids

20 - Cordials

21 - Tumblers (cold drinks only)

22 - Powder Measures (bone and antler), Creaser (bottom)

23 - Tumblers

24 - Masterpiece Box

25 - Tea caddy or Tobacco Jar - from large horn 4 - 4 1/2 diam. at base


27 - Priming Horn

28 - Screw-tip Pocket Horn

29 - Early Militia Horn (New England)

30 - Powder Horn (buffalo)

31 - Short Starter and Priming Horn

32 - Early Powder Horn

33 - Lamp Wick Pick

34 - F&I War Powder Horns

35 - F&I War Powder Horns- Many sizes and styles. Hand carved cherry bases and plugs.

36 - Screw-tip Powder Horn

37 - Pocket Horns- Various colors and styles.

38 - Powder Measures - These are made in antler(shown), horn or bone to your specifications.

39 - Horn Whistles

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