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Gen Nis He Yo Trading Company
Representing an extensive line of fine, handcrafted items in horn, leather, iron, and wood for the most discriminating shooters, collectors, and reenactors.
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All of Scott Summerville's knives are made of high carbon 1095 steel and triple tempered to hold an edge. They are modeled after original styles and construction methods.

Knives can be supplied with a custom made sheath.

Scale - 1" per square

1-Pen knife with bolster
2-Pen knife with no bolster
3-Soldier's knife with bolster and bone scales
4-Pistol grip knife with bolster
5-Pistol grip knife with no bolster
6-Small Gentleman's knife with no bolster
7-French "Dauphin" trade knife 
8-French "Siam" trade knife
9-Fleam [for blood letting]
10-Razor with horn scales
11-Razor with bone scales
12- Large " Michilimackinak" [6 inch folded, 12 inch open]

13-Facine knife [brush hook]
14-Antler rifleman's knife with pewter bolster
15-Antler rifleman's knife with turned handle and peened but cap
16-Rifleman's knife with birds head handle and pewter bolster. Leather sheaths included. 

17-Patch knife with ram's head handle
18-Patch knife with bird's head handle with pewter bolster
19-Patch knife with bone handle with cross-hatching
20-Patch knife with crown antler handle
21-Belt knife with pewter bolster
Leather sheaths included.

Copy of original 18th C. razor strop.

"Now that's a tough knife!"
Scott's Knives are all made from triple tempered high carbon, 1095 spring steel, giving you a tough blade that stays sharp! Here Scott drove one of his knives thru a 1/2 inch bolt with two blows of a hammer! No damage to the blade but the antler handle was fractured.

Dutch knife and case

Copy of original mouse traps (they work)

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