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Representing an extensive line of fine, handcrafted items in horn, leather, iron, and wood for the most discriminating shooters, collectors, and reenactors.
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These items are made from lighter weight vegetable tanned leathers. Our wallet designs can be modified to fit modern currency and credit cards.

All pouches are made from vegetable tanned leather and are finely sewn with linen cord. I can help you design a pouch based on how you want to use it.

1 - Hunting Pouch Sizes - This shows the relative sizes of our hunting pouches. (left to right) 8 inch,10 inch, and 11 inch widths.


3 - Belt Pouch - This pouch has a gusseted bottom and will fit any belt up to 2 inches. Like most of our pouches, this one is dyed dark walnut.

4 - Small Hunter's Pouch - The original pouch is pictured on page 41 of Madison Grant's book " The Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch". It measures only 6 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

5 - Shot Snakes (two styles) - can be ordered with brass measurer

6 - Trekker Pouch - This pouch is made deep to prevent things from falling out. Perfect for the backwoods longhunter. It has a bottom gusset for more room.

7 - Deer Skin Pouch - This pouch is made from one piece of bark tanned deerskin. It's folded and sewn up both sides with a rough edged flap. The strap is adjusted with deerskin ties. Colors include reddish brown (shown), dark walnut and tan.

8 - Small Single Pouch - Measuring 8 inches across at the bottom, this simple pouch has no gusset.

9 - Large Double Pouch - This big pouch measures over 11 inches across and 10 inches high. The buckle can be forged or brass. The cutout heart on this one is done in goat hair.

10 - 1850 Missouri Double Pouch - The original of this western pouch is in the Museum of the Fur Trade in Nebraska. It is equipped with a buffalo powder horn. A great match to a Hawken rifle.


12 - Leather cover with place for quill or brass pencil, handmade journal with marbled cover

13 - Medium Single Pouch - This pouch is the same size as our double pouch but with one compartment. It has a full gusset in a classic flap style. The powder horn was made by Erv Tschanz and engraved by John Proud.

14 - Pocket Books and Wallet - Left and right are pocket books that can hold paper and pencil. Both are lined with pigskin. Center is a small wallet of goatskin.











25 - Bullet or small shot bags, horn nozzle

26 - Heart Pouch - This is a medium pouch with an inside divider. The binding and hearts are red leather. Note the patch knife and ball starter sewn to the front strap.


28 - Medium Double Pouch - Measures 10 inches across with a beaver tail flap. Patch knife is mounted on the back. This one has a woven strap with leather fittings and forged buckle. Horn strap is separate and matches the bag.

29 - Flint Wallet - These are made of pigskin or calfskin for rifle or musket.


31 - Heart Shaped Pouch - This small pouch measures 6 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches high. The flap is held down with a short strap and forged buckle. Small horn is optional and sewn directly to the bag strap.

32 - Straps - Made for powder horns, canteens or hunting pouches. Available from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches in width and any length. Powder horn straps are 3/4 inches wide and fitted with a leather tie. Buckles can be hand forged or brass. We make two keepers. One sewn in and one sliding.

33 - Large Wallets - Designed for modern currency and can also hold a checkbook. Come in a variety of styles and colors.

34 - Credit Card Wallet - Made in the 18th c. style but holds credit cards and folded bills. This one is made of goatskin and lined with pigskin.

35 - Small Fancy Wallet - Made of goatskin and lined with pigskin. The top pocket is gusseted and the lower pocket has a tab closer. Shown in walnut color.

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