A stylized 'E' and 'T' combined together to create one shape representing the creator's initials.
Gen Nis He Yo Trading Company
Representing an extensive line of fine, handcrafted items in horn, leather, iron, and wood for the most discriminating shooters, collectors, and reenactors.
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Native American

Hand made items, representing Eastern Woodland Indian material Culture.

1 - Eastern Woodland Bowl and Spoon

2 - Two Ladles, two Spoons, and a Bowl

3 - Seneca Dance Rattles - w/Cherry wood parts.

4 - Native Bowl, Spoon and Noggin

5 - Ladle, Spoon, Dance Rattle

6 - Bowl and Spoon

7 - Two Spoons and a Ladle

8 - Native American Noggin - Eastern Woodland curly maple. W/ wolf effigy hand carved

9 - Spoon and Ladle

10 - Noggin

11 - Bowl

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