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Gen Nis He Yo Trading Company
Representing an extensive line of fine, handcrafted items in horn, leather, iron, and wood for the most discriminating shooters, collectors, and reenactors.
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Sewing Accessories

Needle and pin cases, thread winders, lucet, nipper, stiletto, bodkin, buttons, etc.

1 - Awls

2 - Nippers with case - small shears fitted to a hand sewn goat skin case.

3 - Horn Pin Cushion - Two horn discs with wool between.

4 - Needle Cases - Made of horn or wood. Horn ones have screw tips. Made to fit your needle length.

5 - Reproductions of antler awls


7 - House Wife - This is a copy of one in a museum collection. It holds needles inside and thread on the outside. Plug can be used to push needles and the end can be used for darning.

8 - Thread Winder - made of horn & used for holding thread.

9 - Pin cases


11 - Awl handles - Left and Right are Antler, Middle is Horn.

12 - Assorted Awl Handles made of wood or antler. Copied from French and English originals.

13 - Button Hole Cutters

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